Student Style—Kevin

‘Out of the box is where most growth happens.’

Student Style Kevin

‘I’ve seen 40 Year Old Virgin at least 10 times’
Student Style Kevin

Name: Kevin (24, first year International Business Management Studies, ‘my third study – I come from Aruba, I found out studying in English is more suited for me. So far so good: this time I got all the points.’)

Style? ‘Sort of hippie chic. I like to keep it casual.’
Shops? ‘When I go shopping, I try to not choose anything that’s too overly bought. Except for my shoes, they’re usually by Vans or Nike. The sweater I’m wearing is from the online store Mr. Gugu & Miss Go.’
What would you never wear? ‘Nothing too overly feminine, no skinny jeans. Not too gender bendy.’

Music? ‘Predominantly any genre of alternative rock. I like Tool, Rise Against and AFI most. I also listen to rap and reggae. I’m also in a band called Take 57, and I rap as Egalitarian. ’
Book? ‘A Cabinet of Philosophical Curiosities.’
Movie? ‘40 Year Old Virgin. It has an original plot and way too many hilarious moments. I must have seen it over ten times by now, I can quote complete scenes.’
Sports? ‘I used to play football, nowadays I do fitness and during summer I sometimes play basketball.’
Hobbies? ‘Apart from making music I draw. And I aspire to write.’
News? ‘I use the Flipboard app to keep up with the juiciest news.’
Politics? ‘I would’ve probably voted GroenLinks, a friend of mine was on the kieslijst.’

‘I worked for Deliveroo but quit because of lack of time. I’ll pick it up again during the summer holiday.’
Residence? ‘I live on the campus.’
Favourite hangout in Utrecht? ‘Theatercafé De Bastaard, I have good memories there. And it has a pool table, a hipster vibe, it’s sometimes a theater and it has an open aura.’
Breakfast? ‘A bacon with egg volkoren sandwich at school.’

Are you religious? ‘No. My dad used to be a Jehovah’s Witness but quit before I was born, and my mum’s Catholic but no devote.’
Biggest fear? ‘To regret I haven’t used my time properly and that I haven’t fulfilled what I’m meant to fulfill. I’m in a decent position but it feels as if I spilled three years of my time by starting two studies and not finishing them.’
How would you rate your life? ‘A 7,5. It would be an 8 if I’d quit smoking, do more fitness, wake up earlier and be less of a yes-man here and there.’

Student Style Kevin

Club or café? ‘Café.’
Meat or vega? ‘Meat… but I respect the vegan ethics. I try to eat less meat.’
Takeaway or DIY? ‘Any kind of pasta or rice dish.’
Blind or deaf? ‘Blind.’
Morning person or night owl? ‘Night owl.’
Dog or cat? ‘Dog.’
Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat? ‘Instagram.’
Dutch or European? ‘Dutch.’
Uggs or Crocs? ‘Crocs.’
In your comfort zone or out of the box? ‘Out of the box, that’s where most growth happens.’

How do you see your future? ‘My dream is to be a musician. If that doesn’t work out, I want to do management, direction or marketing, in music preferably or the art world in general. I don’t know who said this first, but I believe you first have to find your passion and then make it your job.’

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