Student Style – Simon Geismar

Student Style – De Smaak van de HU – Wat is in op de Uithof?
Seizoen 2011-2012. Door Maarten Nauw.

Simon Geismar

Naam: Simon Geismar (19, International Business Skills)

Omschrijf je stijl? ‘Young and original. I like to mix old, vintage clothes with new ones, resulting in a rock & roll look. The T-shirt and cardigan I wear are from All Saints, I bought them in London, where I was studying this spring.’
Wat vind je echt überlelijk? ‘Hyped styles, especially when they don’t suit the person who’s wearing it. And I like originality. In the Netherlands lots of people wear basically the same. In France it’s more important what you wear, what it looks like. Here, it seems it’s more important it’s comfortable and warm. But I understand the Dutch, it is very cold here.’
Wat is most played op je mp3speler? ‘I love rock music. Led Zeppelin is my favourite band. I, myself, make electronic music. So I listen to all kinds of electronic music, especially dubstep. In France, I am in a band. Just Banana. We’re working on a live set at the moment, we’re going to combine electronic music with live drums and a DJ. Check out our Facebook and Soundcloud.’
Laatste concert/feest? ‘I <3 Techno in Belgium.’
Boek? ‘Books are not my thing.’
Film? ‘A French movie. Asterix et Obelix. Very funny, especially when you’re stoned.’
Krant? ‘French papers.’
Meer cultureels? ‘When I’m in Paris I like to visit the Centre Georges Pompidou.’
Internet of tv? ‘Internet.’
Mac of PC? ‘Mac.’
Nummer 1 bookmark? ‘Soundcloud. I am part of a collective of artists from all over the world who promote each other. We all love Skrillex.’
Wat wil je later worden? ‘I would like to make a living out of making music. On my own terms. I wouldn’t like to go more mainstream to make money.’

Student Style Seizoen 2011/2012

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