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Student Style – Adry

Student Style Adry

‘I fear butterflies’

Student Style Adry

Adry (24, 2nd year of Creative Business)

Style? ‘I love to be fashionable. In Malaysia, where I grew up, I used to work for Fashion Valet, an online fashion store. Here in the Netherlands I usually fetch my clothes at shops like Pull&Bear and Bershka. Brands are not important to me. As long as clothes look good, it’s fine by me.’
No go? ‘Anything with straps.’

Music? ‘Pop music, such as The Chainsmokers and blackbear, or hiphop from the French group PNL – also because I love the style of their music videos.’
Movies? ‘Mostly action. I’m into Star Wars, Marvel movies, V for Vendetta.’
Series? ‘Netflix. I’ve just watched the new Black Mirror episodes; a bit disappointing.’
Art(ist)? ‘The dark art of Billelis.’
Spare time? ‘Fashion- and candid photography. I shoot house mates and friends, whoever is available. I’ve also started doing video recently. This summer I’m going to shoot a music video for a friend who is a rapper.’
Sports? ‘I play soccer with friends, on squares in the city, and I’m hitting the gym. I used to play rugby, but stopped after I broke my shoulder because of it…’

How long do you last without your telephone? ‘Half a day… I use Twitter a lot.’
Sidejob or just the scholarship? ‘Two days a week I’m a chef assistant in a hotel in Zeist, where I also live.’
Hotspot in Utrecht? ‘Griftpark, because of the strategic location near the center, and I like the hill.’
Breakfast? ‘Milk with cereal. It’s either that or nothing.’

Religious? ‘I can say I am. I’m a Muslim, I pray five times a day. I’m committed, I try my best, even though I don’t visit the mosque every week like I did in Malaysia.’
Biggest fear? ‘Butterflies! I have a bit of a trauma from when my parents took me to a butterfly farm when I was about 5 or 6. Their worst mistake ever. A huge butterfly landed on little me and I’ve never quite recovered from that.’
Rate your life at the moment? ‘For now, a 7. After the stress of the recent assignments. Unexpected things can happen all the time, I try to think positive and act accordingly.’

Student Style Adry

Alcohol or drugs? ‘Drugs. Even in Malaysia. If you’re caught with drugs you can get the death penalty – however, a lot of young people smoke cannabis. You just have to resort to one of the many deserted islands…’
Meat or vega? ‘Meat.’
Pizza every day or king of the kitchen? ‘Pizza!’
Blind or deaf? ‘Deaf.’
Dog or cat? ‘A furry black cat.’
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat? ‘Instagram.’
Malaysian or Citizen of the World? ‘Citizen of the World.’
Uggs or crocs? ‘I even have crocs, I wear them indoor.’
Comfort zone or out of the box? ‘Out of the box.’

How do you see your future? ‘Something to do with fashion, in Paris. Not as a designer, but something with communication, PR or advertising. I’ve love to work for YSL, a charismatic and elegant brand.’