Student Style – Ling

Student Style in English, with our 2nd year student Ling. About mom, dad, Vietnam and a poodle called Pi.

Student Style Ling

‘I’d love to organize weddings – but I fear crazy brides’

Student Style Ling

Ling (19, 2nd year of Creative Business)

Style? ‘Oof… I’ll say… flexible! I’m not strict, my style goes from edgy-like bad-ass to cute flowery girl. Today I’m pretty colourful. Honestly, I wish I could stick to one style, like most influencers on Instagram. I would love to be one as well, but I think I’m too young. I still need to figure myself out, explore what truly suits me.’
Shop? ‘Over here, I prefer Zara. They have flowery stuff, which I love, but also professional work clothes, which I also love. In Vietnam, where I’m from, I prefer local shops.’
Music? ‘Usually rap, sometimes chill R&B.’
Movies?Love, Rosie – I cannot count the times I’ve watched that. Now I’m reading the book it’s based on, Where Rainbow Ends, for the third time.’
Series? ‘I love rom coms, Modern Family, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diary.’
Artist? ‘A Vietnamese photographer who makes soft images that are strong at the same time. And I should mention a tattoo artist who is very good at small details. I really want a tattoo myself as well, but I fear I will regret the tattoo in the future so I wait a bit longer. It will probably be the names of my mum and my dad.’
Spare time? ‘Binge watching is a passion!’
Sports? ‘Swimming – I don’t like sweat.’
News? ‘Kind of. I follow the showbiz news, I know everything about celebrities.’
How long do you last without your telephone? ‘Half a day. I would miss the swiping, the refreshing for new stuff.’
Sidejob or just the scholarship? ‘I’m a waitress in a Vietnamese restaurant.’
Hotspot in Utrecht? ‘De Oudegracht.’
Breakfast? ‘Pasta pesto at the Food Court.’

Student Style Ling

Religious? ‘I believe in random things, like Asians usually do. Like psychics, palm reading… and I truly have faith in Zodiac signs. I know them all. So when a friend with a certain Zodiac sign shows a weakness I recognize from the sign, I am more understanding.’
Biggest fear? ‘Losing someone I love. And I’m afraid of heights.’
Rate your life at the moment? ‘A 6 and a half. I recently broke up with my boyfriend. In general I’m working hard, enjoying my time here… I’m trying to push it towards a 9 in a year time.’
Alcohol or drugs? ‘I’ve never done drugs so I choose alcohol, even though I hate the taste of it. I do like to be drunk so I usually take shots – to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.’
Meat or vega? ‘Meat. I don’t eat vegetables.’
Pizza every day or king of the kitchen? ‘Pizza.’
Blind or deaf? ‘Deaf.’
Dog or cat? ‘Dog. In Vietnam I have a poodle named Pi.’
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat? ‘Instagram.’
Comfort zone or out of the box? ‘Out of the box.’
How do you see your future? ‘I’d love to be an event planner. Organizing weddings – although I fear crazy brides. Working in PR for brands would be fine too. In the end, I try the best I can to make my parents happy. I want them to be proud of me. I do know one thing, my mum loves designer bags and my dad loves to travel abroad, but because they pay for me and my sister studying abroad, they can’t afford that at the moment. So I want to earn enough money so I can buy designer bags for my mum and make it possible for my dad to travel abroad.’

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