Student Style

Student Style—Lia

Lia Toffoli

‘Pink, sparkly, glittery, that’s not for me’

Lia Toffoli

By Maarten Nauw

Name: Lia Toffoli (20, first year of International Communication and Media)

Describe your style? ‘Like, hippie. The style from the Sixties and Seventies. I’m not high maintainance. I wouldn’t wear anything uncomfortable. But at the same time, it should still be stylish. I’ve always had that hippie style. All my family members are artists. Painters, musicians. They all think outside the box. I come from São Paulo, Brazil. There I wear hippie skirts and tank tops, it’s too hot to wear anything else.’
Where do you shop? ‘Here in Utrecht I like to shop at second hand stores and flea markets.’
Super ugly? ‘Feminine slippers. Everything feminine, really. Pink, sparkly, glittery, that’s not for me.’

Music? ‘The Beatles are my all time favourites. I only listen to old music. Jazz, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, the music my parents listen to. And Amy Winehouse.’
Last concert/party? ‘A big club in São Paulo, with several floors, on each floor they play different music. I stayed at the rock floor.’

Movie? ‘Oh my god, so many. I used to work in a video store. I’m so into movies.’
Series? ‘I just finished Breaking Bad. I also love Forensic Files, a non-fiction series on Netflix on crime and murder, I love that.’
Book? ‘Not so much. I’m more of a visual and audio person.’
Sports? ‘In Brazil I played volleyball and did a lot of swimming. I’m waiting for the weather to get better here.’
Breakfast? ‘Only coffee.’

Where do you live? ‘In a student house at the Pythagoraslaan, with eleven other international students. I’m sharing my room with one of them. I’m enjoying it.’

Side job? ‘I have an interview to work in a bar next week.’
Religion? ‘Not really. I think religion should be a personal thing. Ever since I was small I disagreed with religion. I do have some faith, I believe in a higher power, in energy. But I don’t believe that there is a god or that there is a hell.’

How would you rate your life at the moment? ‘A 6. I need a job, and I need to live more. I’m only studying at the moment. But I’ve acknowledged the problem, I’m working on it.’

Lia Toffoli

Club or bar? ‘Bar.’
Meat or vega? ‘Vega.’
Blind or deaf ‘Blind.’
One night stand or relationship? ‘One night stand.’
Man or woman? ‘Man.’
Morning person or night owl? ‘Night owl.’
Dog or cat? ‘Cat. I have three at home in Brazil. Lola, Sophia and Cleo. Cleo is just a kitten. I miss them terribly.’
Facebook, Instagram or Tinder? ‘Facebook.’
London, Berlin or Paris? ‘London. In Brazil Rio de Janeiro. The beach, oh my god.’
Uggs or crocs? ‘Uggs. Crocs never.’
In your comfort zone or out of the box? ‘Out of the box.’

What would you like to become? ‘Satisfied. At peace with myself. An improved version of myself. I’m lazy by nature. But I’ve set goals and I’m hoping to stick to them. I’m very social, I enjoy communicating with people, that’s why I’m doing this study. Maybe I’ll end up organizing events or something. But I really don’t know what kind of job I’ll have in, say, ten years time. But I’ll probably be back in Brazil.’

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